POLY-NET® Surface Protection

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Surface protection is real quality assurance!

During production, when moving parts within the plant, in storage and on the way to your customer, POLY-NET® surface protection netting protects the sensitive surfaces and edges of your products. This reduces the reject rate and ensures that your customers are satisfied.

POLY-NET® Surface Protection Net

Due to the high resistance of the material to mechanical stress and the insensitivity to conventional oils and greases, our POLY-NET® surface protection nets can be reused without problems. The polyethylene is physiologically harmless and meets all the requirements that are made of an environmentally friendly plastic.
In addition to sustainability, there is flexibility: POLY-NET® surface protection nets are available in various sizes for diameters from 6 to 500 mm - as rolls of running meters or in tailor-made cuts. With different thread sizes and mesh sizes, the optimal network can be selected for each component. The yard goods can be obtained at short notice, individual cuts within a few days.

Benefits of POLY-NET® surface protection nets:
  • space-saving, secure storage of your products
  • highly elastic, fits almost any shape
  • made of soft polyethylene
  • resistant to oils and greases
  • reusable and recyclable

POLY-NET® SoftPack

The POLY-NET® SoftPack Nets are made of foamed EVA material and are specially designed to protect very sensitive surfaces against scratches and other damages. Products made of glass, ceramics, clay and other sensitive materials are given ideal protection during transport and storage.

Benefits of POLY-NET® SoftPack:
  • soft all-around protection
  • suitable for sensitive surfaces such as: glass, ceramics, clay
  • elastic fit
  • space-saving, simple storage
  • reusable and recyclable
  • custom-made cut-to-size pieces on request
  • individual diameters on request
You can order POLY-NET® surface protection nets and POLY-NET® SoftPack as bulk stock or accurately fitting cut pieces. Ask for any samples or product brochures at any time; please contact our contact person.